Legal Recruitment on Pause for Brexit Result

Posted on: 22 June, 2016

The current political climate has had something of an unexpected effect on the field of legal recruitment recently, as the EU Brexit referendum seems to have caused the legal recruitment market to grind to a halt as confidence wavers. Law firms are quiet as many deals have been put on hold pending the outcome of the EU vote and consequently firms are not recruiting. It seems that legal recruitment firms that are hiring and are mid way through the process of interviewing candidates are also holding off making decisions. This is not just the odd law firm but it appears to be happening across the board. Paralegals are keeping their heads down to see whether we vote to stay in or leave. 
Either way, after the vote, all law firms, legal recruitment firms and candidates will have to start to make plans for the future. A source claims that the UK’s exit would affect lawyers nation wide as a considerable amount of legislation governing the UK is tied to EU law: ““Businesses and individuals have got used to arranging themselves around the existing laws so if those were to change dramatically and quickly it could cause huge uncertainty.” How quickly the market recovers will depend on the result!