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Job Searching Master Class: Lesson #11

Total views:7134
Job Searching Master Class: Lesson #11

Job Searching Master Class: Lesson #11

Total views: 7134

The importance of applying for jobs you genuinely want and why “carpet-bombing” your details can drastically harm your chances of finding a job.

Looking for a new job is scary. Looking for a job when you’re unemployed is terrifying! No one can possibly deny that, but you must resist the temptation to allow this fear to override your common sense when it comes to looking for a job. It’s easy to slip into the mind-set that “it’s a numbers game” and that sheer volume will win out, but it simply isn’t true. In fact, it can actually do more harm than good.

All too often job seekers send applications for roles that they have no experience for, mistakenly thinking that they are playing a percentage game. This is not the case. If you send out 100 applications for any role, you are not guaranteed 10 or 5 interviews. You must ensure that:

           You identify which employers are attractive to you

           You keep a close watch on their hiring activity

           You focus on quality over quantity

           Time is precious

Do not become seduced into applying for anything. Remember that if you keep a clear action plan of how you will achieve your goals you are more likely to succeed than fail. As we mention above, scatter gun applications for roles that fall outside of your skill, experience or talent set will not only consume precious time, but will ultimately fail. This is the job seekers perfect storm, as you become disheartened by rejection and de-motivated by lack of success. You must always play to your strengths and ensure your strengths are what the hirer desperately needs.

           Keep your goals safe

           Maintain a proper market view

           Stay alert for vacancies that fall into your criteria

           Ensure every application is compelling

Remember, the same organisation that you apply for a completely unsuitable role with, and get rejected by, may well have the perfect job for you next week or next month but they’re highly unlikely to consider someone who has no apparent care or concern about their own career or who doesn’t even bother to read the advertisement. The same applies for agencies, keep your credibility, apply for jobs you can do and that you actually want to do!

We know it’s hard looking for a job, but quality over quantity wins out every time.

John Bruce – Manager, HR Recruitment Division of GR Law

For more information on interview tips click here and for advice on writing killer CV’s follow this.

Connect to John on LinkedIn for updates, tips and job seeking advice.


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