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UK Immigration, Leave to Remain & UK Visas

Mandeep Khroud specialist UK immigration advisor

UK Immigration, Leave to Remain & UK Visas

At GR Law UK Immigration Services we dedicate a significant amount of time and resources into genuinely identifying with our clients fundamental objectives; allowing us to provide each client with a unique specialist immigration service.

There are several different immigration categories an individual/family member can enter the UK under.  It is imperative to explore each immigration category to ensure an individual is entering the UK or extending their stay in the UK under the category which is most suited to their specific situation.

Listed below are the main categories in which an individual can enter and/or remain in the UK:

Visiting the UK

Within the ‘visiting the UK category,’ there are several different sub - categories namely general visitor, business visitor, prospective tier 1 (entrepreneur), student visitor visa, entertainer visitor, marriage visitor, visitor for private medical treatment and sports visitors. There are also special arrangements for athletes, coaches, officials and accredited media representatives for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Studying in the UK

Individuals from outside of Europe who wish to further their education in the UK can do so under this category.

Working in the UK

Under the ‘working within the UK’ category there are several different sub – categories namely investors, entrepreneurs, exceptionally talented, nationals applying under the youth mobility scheme, domestic workers, sole representative of an overseas firm; or as a representative of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation. Turkish citizens can benefit from a European agreement, as well as commonwealth citizens who has a grandparent that was born in the UK.

Entering the UK to Join Partners and/or Other Family Members

If a non – EU individual is a family member of a British citizen or of an individual who has permanent status in the UK there is a real likelihood they would be able join they under this category.

Settling in the UK

There are several ways in which individuals are able to obtain indefinite leave to remain in the UK, it can be based on but not limited to the individuals long residency in the UK, employment in the UK, and their family ties in the UK.

British Citizenship

Once an individual has obtained permanent status in the UK they may apply for British citizenship.

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UK Immigration application forms are available as a free download from UKBA Website. GR Law Immigration Services is an OISC regulated business providing advice on all aspects of UK immigration law. We are an independent company and not affiliated to any government body or department.

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