Getting your CV right – A GR Law guide!

Posted on: 11 November, 2015

At GR Law, we are approached on a weekly basis by legal secretaries and legal PA’s looking for the best advice as to how to layout their CV and provide guidance on how much detail should be included on current/ past jobs. So here’s a quick GR Law guide on getting your CV fit for purpose!

First of all and as a general rule of thumb, your CV should focus more on your current role than on previous roles, as employers will invariably pay more attention to what you’re doing now (if you’ve been in post for six months or more) when assessing your suitability for a vacancy. With this in mind, our advice is to display your career history in reverse chronological order, ideally with your current role appearing on page 1 (it doesn’t matter if it then continues onto page 2). You should certainly allocate a high level of detail to your current role, describing who you support, how you support them, what IT platforms you use (doc/file management, which version of Office, billing/time recording systems etc.) as if you’re already fully trained on a particular system that’s shared by the firm you’re hoping to work at then it’s one immediate tick in your favour!

In general as you go back in time, you can reduce the level of detail and narrative allocated to previous jobs. You may limit it to the dates (month/year joined, month/year left) and the organisation/firm name and location and your job title and other detail can be kept to a minimum. Think of it as an inverted pyramid, with your current role providing strong detail and evidence of all the things you do in your current role, gradually scaling down as you move back in time in your career. This way your CV won’t become overly lengthy and you’re keeping it relevant and dynamic which will all make an impact with the hiring manager that’s assessing it for a potential interview slot.

Hope the above helps!  You can visit here for more information and CV tips

Happy job-hunting from GR Law