Consider voluntary opportunities today!

Posted on: 19 October, 2015

Working for a legal recruitment company we naturally get calls everyday from people who are interested in finding new employment who are both in and out of work.

We try and help those who contact us and I speak to people who are out of work as I feel it is important to find out how they are finding their own job search and if there is any further advice I can give them. The one piece of advice that I often suggest is to carry out voluntary work to utilise your time whilst finding a new job. It helps to get experience on your cv, without which it is sometimes very difficult to get onto the first rung of the career ladder.

Whether you are a legal secretary, paralegal or lawyer, you can use your set of skills to your advantage and learn some new ones in the process. You may not be paid for the work you do, however it is likely that the firm or company will reimburse any expenses incurred as a gesture of goodwill. Companies will often also be flexible in letting you take time off for interviews, etc.

There are many different types of voluntary work you can look into, whether it’s offering your services to local law firms, charities, even working overseas.  There are opportunities out there that can be very fulfilling whilst you continue to look for paid work and it will keep you occupied, motivated and refreshed………not to mention looking good with prospective employers! Click here to find out more ways to look good to prospective employers.