Life After Brexit

Posted on: 30 June, 2016

Many law firms effectively put legal secretarial and paralegal recruitment on hold pending the outcome of the referendum. There were jobs but even if paralegals and legal secretaries were at interview stage London law firms were dragging their feet. Many legal secretaries and paralegals decided not to look for jobs until after the vote.

Many people in the City expected it to be business as usual on the Friday after the referendum, expecting a victory for the remain side. We thought that where firms that had placed paralegal and legal secretarial vacancies on hold any nervousness about hiring would disappear and there would be a lot of paralegal jobs and secretarial jobs coming into the market.

Obviously this has not happened. The remain side were also predicting that the City would virtually implode if we voted to leave. Thankfully this has not happened either. Law firms are reporting that it is very much business as usual and adopting a wait and see approach. They generally do not have hiring freezes and paralegal and legal secretarial vacancies are coming up subject to business needs. Without question some areas are quieter than before the vote but also there are teams that are very busy.
It may not be the best time to choose to look for work. If you are a paralegal who is thinking of travelling for six months then this may not be a bad time to do it. However, many people do not have a choice and need to find other employment. There are paralegal and legal secretarial jobs out there but as ever if you are in work do not resign before you have accepted another position.

There are many uncertainties as our course is plotted for us post Brexit, but we can still make our career choices and do not need to let this decision dominate our lives.

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